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Mello Yellow :-) PDF Print E-mail


Sureally Strange :-) PDF Print E-mail

Keep it light :-) PDF Print E-mail


Heart Echoes PDF Print E-mail

Heart Echoes is a music project, which I produced in partnership with K. Star. You may not know it, but I am a music producer as well, and of course music is an extension of the creativity I use to do graphic design, Including the cover to the project. My life is art in one way or another.  :-)
I hope you like it. Please feel free to take a listen. As of now, it's unfinished, but we're just about there. Thanks for your support.

Krawen Chronicles - Princess Promise Trailer PDF Print E-mail
This is a trailer for a new book series that will eventually become a TV series. I produced the music and edited the trailer.


Barrick The Wolf PDF Print E-mail
Barrick The Wolf is part of a 12 book series written by Law Cunningham, called The Krawen Chronicles. it is soon to be published and will eventually become a video series. I was asked to come up with this trailer based on one of the books. I look forward to seeing this series come alive. Thanks.


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