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Pryor to this, I only produced music. ;-) PDF Print E-mail

Malcolm X PDF Print E-mail

Getting some fresh air PDF Print E-mail

We don't just live for ourselves. PDF Print E-mail


Baby Grand PDF Print E-mail

Caught my grandaughter strumming the guitar.
Self Improvement is not just about you. PDF Print E-mail


Something I was thinking about.

In your journey to better yourself, try not to forget that you don't walk alone. There are people in your life who contribute to your betterment, not always directly or obviously, but none the less they play a part.

I say this because we often concentrate on our own progress so much, that we overlook the people who influence that progress, sometimes believing any improvement we've made, is purely from our own efforts, talent, opinions, etc.

We get it in our heads that self improvement is strictly about our own advancement, which is not technically untrue, but how we treat others, and help others, or not, directly impacts our progress, and most importantly, our well being.


Mello Yellow :-) PDF Print E-mail


Sureally Strange :-) PDF Print E-mail

Keep it light :-) PDF Print E-mail


Heart Echoes PDF Print E-mail

Heart Echoes is a music project, which I produced in partnership with K. Star. You may not know it, but I am a music producer as well, and of course music is an extension of the creativity I use to do graphic design, Including the cover to the project. My life is art in one way or another.  :-)
I hope you like it. Please feel free to take a listen. As of now, it's unfinished, but we're just about there. Thanks for your support.

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